ExcelWay - The Brainstorming Tool Every Facilitator Needs for Project Management

Have you heard of Brainstorming and Facilitation in Project Management?

It's been very successfully and effectively used by consultants worldwide. A project manager must be able to facilitate brainstorming sessions and meetings effectively in order to get the best results from their team. A project manager's ability to facilitate meetings and brainstorming sessions is essential to the success of any project.

Facilitation helps a group to have a more productive meeting. However, it is a bit more complicated topic. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting a new project, but it's important to think about all that can go wrong and, just as importantly, what can go right.

By keeping the group focused and organized, a facilitator can help ensure that the brainstorming session is productive and that the project stays on track.

Introducing ExcelWay - A Swiss-Army Tool for Every Project Manager

The best visual collaboration tool for effective project management, workshops, meetings and events

ExcelWay helps teams turn their ideas into successful projects by combining the best parts of collaborative brainstorming, problem solving and task management. ExcelWay has hand-picked visual canvases to help you structure your conversation and lead your audience into new ways of working. Get started with our ever-growing library of templates. Customize them easily to fit your need. ExcelWay is the only platform that streamlines your workflow from idea to action by combining workshop facilitation with project and task management. This makes information easy to find in one place, and can boost productivity by at least 30%. ExcelWay also automates common processes, so your team and clients can get acquainted with one easy-to-use interface.

The power of brainstorming and retrospective in meetings can not be understated. By following a few simple tips, you can make your next meeting more productive and impactful.

A successful brainstorming session is based on two things: an agenda and an environment. You need to have both. Without the agenda, it’s just a meeting. Without the environment, it’s just a group of people talking. For a successful brainstorming session, it's important to know what you’re trying to accomplish. This is the most important tip of all. If you don’t know why you’re meeting, then you’ll never know where and how to focus your energy in your projects.

There is no doubt facilitation is becoming one of the very key skills in the market for successful project management, which has very effectively and successfully used by the consultants for many years. This is where the power of ExcelWay comes in. It makes it easy to use for both you and your clients, as well as additionally offers resources that helps you become a great facilitator.

Online retrospective meetings are a key part of agile project management. They provide a time for the team to reflect on the previous sprint and identify areas of improvement. But all too often, these meetings can become stagnant and unproductive. Start meaningful conversations with others and brainstorm on ways to improve.

How can ExcelWay one platform project management tool help?

ExcelWay offers a project manager with plethora of tools for managing successful projects in a number of ways. Some of them are listed below:

  • With highly engaging and effective brainstorming, it helps turn ideas into plans

  • It breathes a new life into your online retrospective meetings

  • With the power of effective collaboration and active engagement, it helps build your product or service better

  • It gets stakeholders and everyone involved in the project on the same page

  • It's just one tool needed for your entire agile workflow, from project management to collaboration

Tools such as ExcelWay helps in brainstorming thoughts and ideas people have, keep your team focused and on track, make the most of every meeting and bring order and structure in your project management. ExcelWay is also developing a mobile app. The first version of the app is going to be out in a few weeks. The workshop part will be included in the first release. The full project management feature will be in the app in Q4 this year.

Similar to other project management tools, ExcelWay also has different views for seeing boards such as Kanban or List View. Other views such as Gantt and Calendar views as well as capabilities to manage recurring tasks with a redesigned task management architecture, and other important features are on their active development roadmap. The major difference between ExcelWay and other project management tools is that ExcelWay comes with a Workshop module that allows consultants and experts to offer another kind of experience and services based on facilitation. The workshop module includes dozens of templates ranging from agile planning and retrospectives to innovation and strategy.

If you have an innovative team, have clients and prospects and you need to manage projects, grab ExcelWay - the brainstorming tool to help with your project management (while it is still available under the lifetime deal). It's an online tool that helps you capture ideas and track progress on projects, and it's perfect for facilitators. facilitate meetings and brainstorming sessions, both of which are essential skills for any project manager. As you grow your business from a small team or already have a 200+ member team, you'll be happy with your decision.

P.S.: Haroon has been practicing project and program managemement and has been a senior consultant for over 25 years. He personally uses ExcelWay and in this blog review, he discusses the importance of brainstorming, engagement, and facilitation in successful project management, and how tools such as ExcelWay help in effectively and successfully managing business critical projects. During his long career, he has used numerous tools from small to some of the best enterprise level tools to manage dozens of small to extensively large projects and programs. If you're looking for advice on how to select the right project management tool for your needs, you'll want to read this blog post from an expert.