Decktopus: An Elegant and Powerful Solution for Creating Interactive Presentations


Is Decktopus the Best Slidebean or Prezi Alternative?


Decktopus is a new tool in the market, but is a stable and feature-rich corporate-level tool. Prezi is a pretty much larger tool and multiple components, including presentation as one of the component. With the assumption that Decktopus is in its early stages in the market, it would not do a good justice to compare Decktopus with Prezi. And hence, I decided to do its comparative review with Slidebean, an already established mid-tier tool, which somehow early entrepreneurs or small business wish to have but may find Slidebean off their budgets.

A Synopsis

I personally use Slidebean for over a year, while PowerPoint is always a handy tool to pull out. So that gives me a good opportunity to see what the strengths and improvements are of each of them. I recently acquired a license of Decktopus Business Plan, where I can see and use all the features of Decktopus. Hope this gives a win-win opportunity for Decktopus as well as those entrepreneurs as they grow their organization.

In the last couple of decades, I have been able to create tens of thousands of slides using PowerPoint on sales proposals, marketing materials, client pitch, strategy meetings, project reviews, operations reviews, inter-department meetings, trainings, and many other general purpose topics. I wonder if my review is helpful and important. You have the right to make that decision. So, let's jump into the review right away.

An Overview of Decktopus

Before I summarize my review, lets do a quick overview of Decktopus.

Decktopus is the best online presentation tool for busy professionals that helps communicate with your audience to get their point across with style. With its simple design and easy collaboration features, Decktopus makes it easy to create and share beautiful presentations. With Decktopus, you can create a complete presentation in 30 minutes or less, without having to worry about formatting or resizing texts and images.


Decktopus is trusted by 100,000 users around the world and helps busy professionals communicate with their audience better. Decktopus is more than just a presentation tool, it can be used to create presentations and proposals, as well as convert them into biolinks, sales funnels, and microsites. With so many features, Decktopus is the go-to tool for many professionals.

With over 100 ready-to-use templates, Decktopus can help you get your project done faster and easier.

You can create stunning decks that will engage and inform your audience with its powerful features and pre-made templates. The tool automatically adjusts your slides to create a cohesive look. You will be amazed at how easy it is to create a presentation with Decktopus. It's easy to work with others on your presentation because of online sharing and team collaboration features. You can see how your presentation is performing with its dashboard and analytic tools. It is easy to share documents and decks online with Decktopus. With a simple link, you can share your documents with anyone you want and you can also export them as PDF or PPTs.

Some of their customer say that Decktopus is an amazingly fast and stable presentation software that comes with a great selection of hot-swappable templates and an excellent icon library. It also loads fast and is frequently updated, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a quality presentation software.

To conclude the overview:

Decktopus is a presentation tool helping businesses grow their online presence in the least complicated way and within a short period of time through editable, interactive, and professional templates. The tool consists of more than 100 templates that are ready to use. All you need to bring is your content! Decktopus allows you to quickly turn your content into a beautiful document, presentation, or proposal that can be shared online or embedded on your website or sent via email.

Where does Decktopus need improvements?

Decktopus is an actively developed software platform. Like any other software or SaaS platform, there's always room for improvement based on feature requests, opinions and feedback of its users. The Decktopus team strives to continuously improve their product. This includes enhancing user experiences through better design, adding new features or making existing ones more robust and user-friendly. Their team is open to suggestions to improve their product and they want to hear feedback from users to make the product even better.

Below are some features that I feel can either be added or improved, which are currently offered by Slidebean:

  • More themes can be added while the UI can be enhanced

  • Users to have the ability to add custom themes and templates to their presentation in order to better control the look and feel of the presentation as per their branding or requirement.

  • Centralizing common system level settings making it easy to locate and configure.

  • Enhancing customization of the background on each slide.

  • AI Auto-layout at the click of a button on each slide to automatically enhance slide layouts.

  • Adding more and enhanced infographics options.

  • Ability to add slide transition animations

  • Ability to add notes on the slides.

  • Ability to create slides from a website URL.

  • Adding more and rich templates for Pitch decks, Fundraising decks, Proposals, etc.

  • Enhancing training repository and help documentation.

  • Adding examples of business case studies, startup marketplace discounts/deals, investor finders and ability to directly connect with them.

So, is Decktopus a Slidebean alternative?

Not at the moment, but hope one day it will be there, or beyond. Slidebean being an established tool for few years now, is ahead in the game, while Decktopus being a relatively new tool will sure catch up over time. If you are in your early stages of your business, or just starting up, have budget constraints, and those additional things which Slidebean currently has are not critically required, it makes more sense to adopt Decktopus and grow your business while the vendor also continues to add more features and enhancements.

So, you decide!

If you found this review helpful, make sure to grab a lifetime license of Decktopus before the price increase!

You may want to consider buying more than one license, as it could save you money in the long run.