Military-Grade Encryption and Swiss Privacy: pCloud is better than Dropbox?!

pCloud - Secure Storage with Military-Grade Encryption and Swiss Privacy

Introducing pCloud


Let's be honest, most of us need cloud storage. It lets us access our files anywhere and keeps everything backed up. But not all cloud storage is made the same. If rock-solid security and privacy matter to you, one service stands above the rest - pCloud.

pCloud utilizes 256-bit AES encryption to lock down your files. This is the same encryption used by militaries and governments worldwide. It would take longer than the age of the universe for hackers to crack it.

pCloud Premium

You can take security a step further with pCloud Crypto. It adds a client-side layer of encryption under your exclusive control. Not even pCloud staff can see your files. Now that's peace of mind!

Bank-Vault Storage in Switzerland

pCloud is based in Switzerland, with servers housed in hardened data centers. Swiss law provides legal protections for your data. So you get better security than offerings based elsewhere.

Swiss privacy regulations are renowned globally. You can feel confident your files are safer than anywhere else on a cloud server.

Rewind Time to Recover Lost Files

We've all experienced that gut punch of accidentally deleting an important file. With pCloud's Rewind feature, you can turn back time and restore files for up to 30 days.

Rewind acts like a backup within the cloud, letting you roll back changes or grab a previous version. It's perfect insurance against unfortunate mistakes.

pCloud Premium

Generous Storage for Every Need

pCloud starts accounts with 10GB of free storage. Beyond that, you can get up to a massive 2TB of space. Planning to store even more? A 10TB lifetime plan is less than $1200. That's a massive amount of storage that you can use forever.

With storage options like that, you'll never need to worry about running out of room for your precious files and memories. There's plenty of space for everything.

Convenience Across All Your Devices

The pCloud desktop and mobile apps make accessing your files a breeze. Automatic syncing keeps everything up to date on all your linked devices.

Whether you use a Mac, Windows PC, iOS or Android device, your files are always at your fingertips. Syncing and file management happens in the background so you can focus on productivity.

If you need a cloud storage solution you can rely on for privacy and security, pCloud is easily a top choice. With military-grade encryption, Swiss-based storage, unlimited file versioning, and apps for all platforms, they have you covered. Sign up now through this link and see why pCloud is the leader for secure cloud storage.