Olark Live Chat - Bridging the Gap between Businesses and Customers

In today's digital age, providing exceptional customer support is crucial for business success. Customers expect rapid responses and 24/7 assistance across multiple channels. Integrating live chat on your website is one of the best ways to deliver real-time, personalized support.

One of the most popular and highly-rated live chat solutions is Olark. Olark provides businesses with an intuitive platform to instantly engage with customers, resolve issues, and provide top-notch support.

Why Choose Olark Live Chat?

Olark stands out from competitors with its ease of use, versatility, and powerful feature set. Here are some of the key benefits Olark provides:

User-Friendly Interface

Olark has an intuitive and clean interface that makes it simple for agents to manage chats. The dashboard allows you to monitor visitor data, customize chat box design, and access other key features with just a few clicks. This simplifies the process of managing live chats for teams of all sizes.

Real-Time Customer Interaction

Olark enables your support staff to connect with customers visiting your website instantly. Real-time communication significantly improves customer satisfaction as queries are addressed promptly.

Interactive Features

Olark provides interactive features like cobrowsing which allows agents to view and interact with a customer's screen. File sharing, visitor sentiment analysis, and third-party integrations further enhance the live chat experience.

Flexible Deployment

Olark can be embedded directly on your site or integrated with popular CMS platforms like WordPress and Shopify. The chat widget is mobile-responsive allowing customers to access support via mobile devices.

Data Integration

Olark seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM platform, allowing you to unify customer data from various sources. Chat transcripts are automatically logged for future reference.

Affordable Pricing

Olark offers flexible and affordable pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. They offer a 14-day free trial of paid plans. You can then downgrade to the free Basic plan with 1 agent and 20 chats monthly. Paid plans start at $17 per agent per month for 50 chats with the Starter plan. Volume discounts are available for larger teams.


With its user-friendly interface, real-time chat capabilities, and interactive features like cobrowsing, Olark is the ideal live chat solution for delivering instant, personalized support. Easy integration, data synchronization with CRMs, and affordable pricing make Olark accessible for small businesses and large enterprises alike.

Overall, Olark is a robust and full-featured live chat software that helps companies enhance customer satisfaction and build lasting relationships. By facilitating real-time conversations, Olark enables businesses to provide exceptional support when and where customers need it.